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Garage Three


We tend to receive quite a lot of interest from people keen to renovate unused garage spaces and totally transform them into something a bit special. Not only are they turning rooms into spaces that they can freely use, but by converting garages – according to building regulations – it will add value to your home.


Here are a couple of our most recent projects for you to see.

Project One.

This project was a row of garages, so we had a really good amount of space to work with. In order to achieve the final outcome, windows and doors were fitted - in a grey PVC finish - so we had something to work to. Then, a 5 inch by 2 inch timber suspended ceiling was installed - with 100mm celotex used in between. At this point, the first fix electric and plumbing was carried out. The ceiling was then boarded with 12.5mm plasterboard.  We then damp proofed the whole building using a tanking system. Then, applied a render, waterproof scratch coat to insulsate and to save the tanking condensating.  We then used insulated plasterboard on every single wall.


In order to create a bathroom/shower room, we had to install a stud partition wall (insulated) to the desired area as per the customer's requirements.


The entire building was skimmed to a perfect finish and left to dry naturally. Once dry, all plastered areas were painted using Crown Obliterating paint (3 coats). Our carpenter then went in and laid the floor, skirting, doors and architraves. The decorater then followed this up and finished the job.


The pictures speak for themselves with this project, the large space offers so much potential for the family's bar/cinema/gym social room.

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Project Two.

For this garage conversion, a customer sought our help as they were looking for an additional living space for their growing family. This was a standard garage with only a back door leading into the house. To create this space, we knocked through the side of the garage to create the opening and installed two RSJ’s as instructed by the structural engineer. Always seek professional advice when knocking through and making openings to ensure you get the right strength RSJ steels. Also seek a structural engineer before carrying out work on this scale.


Following on from this, we installed additional central heating, floating floor with insulation, new window with cavity wall insulation. We insulated the roof space of the garage using 100mm celotex, we also put strengthening beams throughout the roof space above so this family could have additional space for storage. The end result is very striking and also very practical.

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