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It all began with a 5 year apprenticeship for a reputable and highly commended plastering and building contractor based in the centre of London. This was simply the very start of a career where Ray Jennings specialised in plastering, a trade which he went on to master and perfect over 25 years; adding a range of different building methods to his portfolio. It was also during this time that Taunton Plastering and Building Services was developed.


Since then, a variety of different projects have been tackled; from overseas projects in France, Spain and Jersey, to the more niche, local builds in the Somerset area. With such a rich and varied background in different plastering/building projects, you can feel complete confidence in the work of the Taunton Plastering and Building Services team.


The vast majority of work has always been achieved from personal recommendation; and whilst the website only highlights a small part of what can be achieved, you only need to talk with previous clients to understand just how impressed they are with the finish and quality of work.


For a highly skilled plasterer in Taunton, Somerset, look no further. Although not strictly limited to Taunton, we are happy to discuss different work available nationwide. So, talk with us to today to discuss how we can meet your individual plastering/building needs.







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