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By tauntonplastering, Jul 9 2019 02:24PM

Over the past few months we have been working on an entire house renovation, taking on a project where each room needed stripping out, re-plastering and full redecoration. In addition to this, the house required a total re-wire and brand new plumbing/gas central heating.

The kitchen within this property was perhaps one of the biggest transformations within the house. What started off as a grotty unloved kitchen, soon became a stylish modern space. The kitchen area was made all open plan to widen the space and accomodate modern living.

Not only was the end result impressive, but also very affordable. Before and after pictures are listed below.

By tauntonplastering, Nov 16 2016 11:07AM

If there was ever a project to break us... this would be it! In July 2016, whilst most people were out enjoying the sunshine, we were taking on perhaps one of the messiest jobs yet - and the first set of pictures do not do this place justice, it really was well and truly awful. The task was to compleley renovate a dilapidated apartment based in the town centre of Camborne. Our task was to complete the following:

1. Removal of all rubbish/furntire

2. Plastering patch repair

3. Plasterboarding and overskim as directed by the client

4. Painting and decorating throughout

5. New floorboards where needed

6. Minor repairs to damaged parts of the property.

7. Fit a new bath panel

8. Tiling in the bathroom

...And all this was completed in just 5.5 days.

If this was our property, we would re-plaster the entire place. However due to the contraints of the budget from the client, this was not possible.

Initially when we were offered the project, we only had the images to go by. We could see that the property had been abused, although lovingly painted orange. We thought that removing the rubbish and furniture wouldn't be too much of a problem, but it wasn't until we visited the property that we realised we would need to outsource to a professional removal company - who have dealt with these cases before.

We used a local company who were absolutely fantastic and took this in their stride, despite its horrific condition. If you ever need a removal company local to Camborne/Redruth, we would highly recommend Celtic Clearance . Not only did they have to deal with harmful waste such as used syringes, but they also encountered a extremely large amount of human faeces which was embedded within the furniture and also underneath the floorboards. Some of the before and after pictures can also be viewed via their Facebook.

Once the property was completely empty for us to work in, we had to work our way through each of the tasks. Our paint of choice was Crown Trade Covermatt Obliterating Paint, due to its thick coverage and also because it is ideal to use on freshly plastered walls. If you have ever had us complete work for you, you would have certainly heard us harp on about this product.

Some of the "after" images below are perhaps not the best - lighting etc. But once this was completed, we were in a rush to clean up and get out. Sadly, we completely forgot to take before and after pictures of the hallway too which, as you could probably guess, was also horrifc. It had been painted in blood red paint, so looked very intimidating the moment you walked through the door.

Looking back, this is one job we are unlikely to forget.

By tauntonplastering, Apr 13 2016 03:01PM

Number one: The 'before' image.
Number one: The 'before' image.
Number two: bleached walls, mould treatment then Crown PSB Stain Block
Number two: bleached walls, mould treatment then Crown PSB Stain Block
And finally... two coats of our favourite Crown Obliterating Paint
And finally... two coats of our favourite Crown Obliterating Paint

Here are three images showing the re-decoration and mould treatment process of a fairly recent project. Although the client initially thought the house was suffering from damp problems, on inspection it was a build up of black mould due to poor ventilation and a build up of condensation. All the vents were closed off in the house, so we opened these to increase the air flow and we also set the heating to keep the temperature constant.

Four weeks on and not one spot of mould.

We decorated the whole house using the same process, all ready for re-sell.

By tauntonplastering, Apr 4 2016 06:07PM

A while a go we covered a small blog piece on a kitchen that we plastered in Weybridge. Our client has since sent us some images of the full refurbishment.... and what a transformation! It's projects like this that make our job worthwhile.

By tauntonplastering, Mar 8 2016 01:49PM

Recently we got to try a new product which was sent to us by a company called Thermalime (part of the Anglia Lime Company). This was a bag of their lime-based insulating plaster. This was our first time using the product and we were really pleased with its resultls. For instance, it was very easy to use and also easy to mix. We used this on the internal part of the fireplace (image below) just as a trial to see how we got on with it.

The product boasts that it is a "insulating lime render that is fully vapour permeable, has fantastic elasticity and durability. Thermalime is a one coat plaster that can be applied at any thickness, on any background."

We were impressed with the product as unlike many other lime plasters, it set much faster, which meant that the plaster could be applied and finished, depending on conditions, the same day. We did find this to be true, as it it did set very quickly which made the job easier - but without being so quick that it couldn't be controlled.

We love the product and will be using it again.

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